DIGSUM is a transdisciplinary academic research centre for the study of the impact of digital technology and the Internet on society, and the impact of society on digital technology and communications.

The centre contains and collaborates with scholars from all parts of the social sciences at Umeå University, including Sociology, Informatics, Education, Gender Studies, Law, Economics, Social Work, and Geography. Our research projects and interests bring together local, national, and international networks of leading researchers and practitioners in the field of the study of society and the digital.

DIGSUM aims to provide the highest quality of research, analysis and impact, whether that is working within our institution, collaborating with national and international academic colleagues, working with policymakers and businesses, or disseminating our findings to wider Swedish society. We aim to be at the forefront of the understanding of the intersection of digital technology and society.

We have a regular programme of events, conferences and seminars, which provide a forum for our researchers and guests to share and discuss recent work, methodological innovation, and ethical issues of the digital age. We welcome colleagues and external visitors from industry, and are open to collaborative activities and projects.

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