New collaboration within the area of ICT, media and learning

[2017-02-03] Two of DIGSUM’s research groups – Learning and ICT (LICT) at the Department of Education, and Digital Didactic Design (DDD) at Applied Educational Sciences – have been granted funds, starting 2017, of 4.5 million SEK from Umeå School of Education.

The funds are to be used to further develop the research area relating to ICT, media and learning, and to bring researchers from both groups closer together. The project will fund a postdoc position that has been appointed to Dr Fanny Pettersson. Another position will be announced during the spring of 2017. Additionally, funds will enable appointing a guest professor, as well as to host two international symposia on the topic of Technology Enhanced Learning.

For more information about this project, contact its scientific leader Professor J. Ola Lindberg (

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