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Complexity and the Digital World

Anton Törnberg, Chalmers
Petter Törnberg, University of Gothenburg
Friday 1 december

Previous seminars

21 April 2017
Charles Ess, University of Oslo
"Digital love and sex? What sexbots may teach us about the virtues of being human"

19 April 2017
David Gunnarsson Lorentzen, University of Borås
"Following tweets around: Informetric methodology for the Twittersphere"

16 March 2017
Elinor Carmi, Goldsmiths University
"Forget everything you know about spam. Now let's talk about spam"

16 February 2017
Pekka Räsänen, University of Turku
"Exposure to online hate among teenagers and young adults: a cross-national investigation".

6 January 2017
Anne Kaun, Södertörn University
"Data Times: The Temporalities of Digital Media".

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